Monday, January 18, 2010

Starting a Mini Business Website

So, it seems I have an addiction to dabbling in new art forms. I see ideas on the web, in books, or the cover of magazines and want to create them myself. Have you ever had that moment where you see something and you say, "...well I can do that". Well, I often do and then I give it a go, but purchasing the needed materials is always an expenditure I'm not thinking of at the time. After creating several "this and that" items I was wondering to myself what to do with these items and how to afford making them. I've decided to create a website in hopes of selling off my handmade creations. Not so much for the profit of it but to pay off the supply purchase and to fund the next creative endeavor. Please check out my site, pass it onto friends, create a link to it from your own site. It is a real challenge to get internet traffic to your internet site and every bit helps.

I'm wondering how many normal folks like me would like to get into this kind of adventure. In fact I'm beginning to have my doubts that it is even possible to have a small hobby business. I am tired of paying fees for selling sites, even when some are very reasonable, with no guarantee of sales. Perhaps I don't take good photos of my items or perhaps I ask to much, but more often than not I find I don't charge very much in hopes of creating interest from a buyer only to regret it as I send it out in the mail. This is why I have decided to create my own site on my own terms. No auction deadlines, no re-listing fees, and no continually posting items just to get traffic. Don't get me wrong I do want to keep creating new items but I simply can't compete with the mass producing home business people. Where do they find the money to do this?

Well, wish me luck as I do you in your artistic endeavors weather they are for hobby or for sale. If you have any tips, ideas, or suggestions, please let me know. Also don't forget...check my site out...please, the more traffic the better, or so I hear.