Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Art, Patriotic Art

     I went over the top on Veterans Day this year.  As I participate in many PTA events I have subsequently become part of the PTA board.  They had a desire to have more during school assemblies so the music teacher agreed to make a 3rd grade performance during the Veterans Day assembly, while I took on the sponsorship of the Veterans Day Wall of Honor (a wall filled with paper placards stating the name and rank of veterans related to our students). 

     I work closely with the music teacher, which I highly recommend to all art teachers.  We arranged to project images of artwork during a couple of the songs performed.  This first artwork was created by the third graders and played during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

    I taught the students about the War of 1812, particularly the battle of Ft. McHenry, when Francis Scott Key penned the poem that became our national anthem.  (This is a great cross-curricular lesson, especially since our students don't receive much social studies now a days) 
Day 1) Power point on Ft. McHenry, Wax resist of the fort, flag, and ocean
Day 2) Power point on ships, Drawing a ship
Day 3) Trace ship lines with crayon and paint, wax resist
Day 4) Cut out ship, masts, and sails (use foam or 3D O's to make ship pop off the paper
Day 5) Add 3D waves and rigging
Day 6) Finish what is needed

The second artwork was in reference to American Gothic by Grant Wood and the photograph taken by Gordon Parks also titled American Gothic.  Both artists were making a commentary on whom they felt symbolized America.  The students created these artworks of their American Gothic, inspirational Americans.
Day 1) Intro to American Gothic Power point, distribute flag paper
Day 2) Create flag designs
Day 3) Proportions of the face, guided drawing
Day 4) Finish drawing and paint skin area
Day 5) Color with markers and/or colored pencil
Day 6) Finish coloring if needed, cut out figure and glue to the flag

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