Monday, July 26, 2010

Kindergarten Self Portrait, Line, Cutting, Gluing

Ok, so I ran into some problems transferring my lesson plan from word to here.  It doesn't look perfect but I wasn't about to retype the whole thing.  It looks ok, but not perfect.

 Well, feel free to use this lesson.  Just let people know where you got the idea.  Another variation on this lesson is to use multicultural construction paper vs. the die cut people (I use to make it more doable for kindy) to cut out body parts.  I have done just that with first grade and it goes pretty well.  It may add a day to your lesson.

I hope to add example photos soon and keep your eyes peeled for more lessons to come as I gear up for the new school year.

     a. This is a three day (40min. class), lower elementary (Kindy) lesson

     a. To introduce multiple basic skills to new art learners
     b. To gain excitement and a sense of accomplishment in creating art

     a. During the activity the students will gain basic manipulation skills in drawing, gluing, and cutting
     b. During the introduction and continued class discussions students will learn vocabulary including principal of design line (straight, fat, thin, zig-zag, wavy, broken)
     c. During the activity the students will learn to use good craftsmanship in their work

IV.Standards and PCS Essential Learnings
     a. VA.D.1.1.1 / E.L. 2 Use art words in a classroom discussion.
     b. VA.A.1.1.1 / E.L. 3F Create artworks using mixed media.
     c. VA.A.1.1.4 / E.L. 4 Identify and develop quality craftsmanship.

V.Motivational Materials
     a. Ella Sarah Gets Dressed book by, Margaret Chodos-Irvine

VI.Materials and Supplies
     a. 12”x18” construction paper (assorted colors)
     b. Construction paper crayons
     c. Multicultural die cut person
     d. 3”x4.5” construction paper (assorted colors)
     e. Precut yarn (assorted hair colors)
     f. Precut “tiles” (about 1” paper squares in asst. colors)
     g. Scissors
     h. Glue

VII. Day 1
     a. Teacher reads Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
     b. Teacher discusses and demonstrates drawing various lines with the crayons vertically down the 12”x18” paper, show a finished example of paper completely filled with lines
     c. Students are allowed to choose a color of construction paper
     d. Teacher distributes containers of crayons and checks that students have their paper vertical
     e. Teacher allows students to draw while rotating around the room encouraging students to use a variety of colors and lines
          i.Depending on time of year and age group teacher may want to write the students name on the assignment for them

VIII. Day 2
     a. Teacher setup trays of 1” squares and glue (red tap glue tops recommended) before students enter
     b. Teacher explains that students will be creating the “tile floor” for the person to stand on with the small 1” square papers.
     c. Teacher demonstrates how to use glue on the square first and then attaching the square to the lined 12” x18” construction
          i.Suggestion: use phrase “dot, dot, dot, just a little not a lot
     d. Teacher explains good craftsmanship: how to use the tiles in rows without overlapping (a good way to explain it is like real tile with grout in between and if they overlap you would fire the tile guy)
     e. Teacher distributes old assignment and supervises activity while

IX. Day 3
     a. Students to choose their multicultural die cut person to match their own skin color and two    3”x4.5” construction papers
     b. Teacher demonstrate how to cut skirt or shorts, Students mirror and students to glue them onto the body
     c. Teacher demonstrate how to cut tank top, Students mirror and glue to the body
     d. Teacher demonstrates how to glue body onto the floor, not in the air, how to glue hair, and decorate the clothing
     e. Teacher distributes hair while students work

 Not the best examples but they will do.  If you want better results wait until the end of the year or do this project with first grade.

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