Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Primary Colors Art Teacher Rap, an iMovie I made

So, I get to tell my students I did this over my summer vacation. I went to a two day training at the end of June on using video/iMovie and GarageBand in the art class room. As a parting gift for giving up two full days of our summer vacation the participants received a flip cam, mic headset, an a high end tripod. Thank you school district!

I didn't want to waist any time and know how we all get too busy to do much extra during the school year I started thinking about how I could use my new toys...I mean tools. I decided to create a video as part of the introduction to a lesson. I've been wanting to think of better ways to teach my at risk/high poverty students information for the purpose of retention. I do so much for the affect side of art that I really have gotten away from emphasizing some terminology. I may focus on foreground, middle ground, back ground in an artwork but totally glaze over the vocab in the color mixing.

Well, I decided to focus on a vocab lesson. To present it in a fun way I created a rap. First I thought up the words, then created the music in GarageBand, and finally edited a video in iMovie. Th whole process took a couple of days and I even had time for a leisurely swim in the pool. I also get some quality TV watching done while I edited.


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